Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New Lamb - Ramrod

Ewe-Lima has finally had her lamb, her first. She was so big that I really expected twins, but it turned out to be one big boy. 

Ewe-Lima is a shy girl and has been since birth. And she didn't act any different when it came to having her lamb. She disappeared from the flock 15 days ago and I didn't spy her anywhere in the pastures. But there are plenty of hiding places where it's almost impossible to spot a sheep, so it wasn't surprising. When she disappeared, I wished her the best. That may sound hard hearted, but spending entire days trying to find a ewe who doesn't want to found is simply not going to happen here. 

This morning Ewe-Lima showed up for the daily grain bucket, coming at a run when I called. So she's doing fine and I was happy to see that she had a large lamb in tow. One large lamb let me know that there wasn't a missing twin or triplets to look for. 

The lamb is most likely sired by an unnamed white ram. Well, he's not a ram anymore but he had been for awhile. I guess the timing was right for him to become a daddy. Why do I say that the white ram is most likely the sire? 
...1- Mystery Ram always produces color on his lambs, especially if he had bred this ewe. 
...2- E-Ram would have produced a colored ram out of Ewe-Lima. 
...3- the white ram is a St. Crois, an all white breed. 
...there were no other rams that could have bred at that time. 

I've dubbed the new boy Ramrod. 

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