Friday, October 28, 2016

Screen House Almost Complete

Not a whole lot more needs to be done to finish up the new screen house, but I need to make a trip to get the finishing supplies. David gave me a shopping list:
1- 4 ridge cap pieces
2- 1 peak cap
3- door handle ........ Naw. I'll make my own out of bamboo. 

David completed the screen door and got it mounted today. 

Screen above, solid with a cat sized pet door below. Why the cat door? Face facts. The cats will get in if they are interested, and if necessary will create their own doorway through the screening. I'd rather them use this one. I plan to make a flap to keep the mosquitoes and flies out. The kitties already know how to use pet doors, so the flap will be no problem. But I will have to have David put a little cat sized platform on the bottom of the door so that they can jump up onto it for using the door easier. Yeah, I'm spoiling the little critters, ain't I. 

The roof is up and looks great, if I do say so myself.  😀   

The view from inside the screen house is quite nice. 

The ridge lines have been taped. Not so much for keeping rain out, but for preventing wind from getting under the edges and lifting the panel. 

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