Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rabbits & Flowers

Kristin asked via email, "Do your rabbits really eat flowers? What kinds?"

Yes, they do indeed get some flowers. I figure it adds variety to their lives. Since my rabbits eat predominately fresh foods, I figured that edible flowers could be included. Initially, as with all of the other foods I've offered them, I introduced flowers gradually. I watched for any possible problems. To date I've seen none. 

This time of year I have access to plenty of ginger flowers. The rabbits seem to like them quite a bit. White, yellow, and Kahili gingers. I have all 3 on the farm, but I also gather them in places as I drive to and from town. They're fairly common and abundant around here. 

Roses are another one available right now. My bushes are heavily in flower this month. Rather than spoil the beauty of the roses around my house, I wait for the flowers to be old, just before they start dropping their petals. Then I pick them for the rabbits, 

The rabbits don't like all flowers, for example the Mexican elderberry that is rampant here. Won't touch them. Nor many other flowers. But they do like the flowers of nasturtiums, basils and other herbs, squashes and most other veggies. 

Feeding them flowers may not make economic sense or what others would consider a good use of my time, but it does give the rabbits some additional quality of life. So I'll continue doing it. 

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