Sunday, October 12, 2014

Drivel - 4.0 Earthquake

Felt an earthquake about an hour ago. It's been awhile since we had a decent quake, and this one was a "four". We're 8 to 9 miles from the epicenter, but still got a good rattle and shake from it. It was a nice test to see how my new kitchen shelving would handle the size quakes that we've been accustomed to here. Everything passed with flying colors. Between the anti-slip shelf liners and the anti-fall lip on the shelves, nothing tipped over. So I can't post any photos of broken glasses for you. 

Small quakes are common. Every once in a while there's a big one, but not too often. I don't mind the small ones, in fact I actually like them. It's a reminder that the earth all around me is "alive". Someday when Mauna Loa erupts, my area will experience some really big quakes. Don't know if that will happen in my lifetime, but it surely will eventually occur. That, my friends, will surely test my kitchen shelves! I fully expect any efforts on my part to prevent stuff from flying off shelves to utterly fail. 7 to 8 quakes are super shakers. 

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  1. 3's and 4's should remind us to check our surroundings, 5's to 6's show us where we need improvements - but over that, it's all hands on deck, sound the general quarters alarm. I hope you only get those jello jigglers from now on.