Monday, October 27, 2014

Pigs - 6 months old

The current pigs are now about 6 months old. And as far as I'm concerned, it's time to finish them for slaughter. 
So I've changed their diet a tad. I now offer them a good serving of c.o.b. (corn, oats, barley) daily along with plenty of sugar cane and macnuts. I've eliminated any strong tasting foods that may effective their taste. The c.o.b. is purchased. Eventually I'll raise my own, but that's a future project. I'm going with the commercial grain because I want this pork to taste good. 

I've learned a lot about young pigs with these two. And I believe that they've enjoyed my company as well as I've enjoyed theirs. They've had the opportunity to be brushed and scratched and to explore the pasture, romp with the farm dog and play "pig tag". They learned to come when called and return to their pen for a treat. They've enjoyed a wallow to shimmy in, dry wood platform to lounge upon, a grass pasture to graze on, and dry grass to nest with. Plus they've had interesting foods to eat......or reject. So I believe they have had a good life, especially compared to commercial pigs. They've not had to endure the commercial habits of teeth clipping or tail docking-- no need. 
For some reason that only pigs know, they like to get intimate with food. They climb right into feed buckets and snorkel for tidbits. But they seem quite willing to eat the muddied food. I've seen them root around their wallow, which by the way they have expanded to take up the whole front of the pen right up to the gate, chowing down any muddy worm or tasty root they discover. So I guess the dirt doesn't phase them. While commercial pigs need to be fed mineral supplements, naturally raised pigs consume plenty of minerals in the soil they swallow. 

So Hammie and Chopper are scheduled to vacate their pen shortly. I'll let you know when that happens. 

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  1. Since my two are about the same age, I found this post very interesting. I know what they eat effects the flavor of the meat, but have no idea how long it takes for diet to do that. Do you? it would be useful to know. Mine are to be breeder pigs, but their younguns will be for meat. My husband truly does love his bacon and sausage.