Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hallway Floor Milestone

On the section of the hallway that I intended to get done --  it's finished! Floor installed. Trim work done. The only thing that needs doing is the ceiling light, but I haven't purchased it yet. 
What you are looking at is actually only 2/3 of the hallway. The other third won't be completed until we get going on the bathroom. We didn't see any sense in finishing a section that might very well be changed as we developed the bathroom design. 

I'm quite pleased with the feeling of the hallway. It's wide enough for storage something-or-others along the walls. Shelves? Open faced cabinets? Hubby and I will have to talk it out. But regardless, getting another section of the house completed feels really good. 

By the way, we really like the way the floor is turning out so far. We're now considering on using it for the bedroom. 

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