Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hurricane and R&R

This past week we had the threat of being hit with a hurricane. In fact, the first couple days' projections had the buggah passing right over our house! But as the week progressed, the hurricane's path veered south enough to pass us by. We missed the wind but got the rain. My own farm got 5.8", but I've heard of other farms getting up to 11". 
(photo by Julia Neal, Ka'u Calendar)

With all the excess water run off, some roads really flooded. But what was neat was that several waterfalls appeared that hadn't flowed in years upon years. Their activity closed the main highway for hours. 
(Photo Julia Neal, Kau Calendar) 

So what was I doing during the hurricane? Safe in my house? Watching my livestock? Protecting my gardens? Heck no, we were off to Maui to meet with some mainland friends. 
Wet, stormy, and with the hurricane off the coast we boarded this little Cessna. I've flown with this pilot several times before and had complete faith in her judgement and skill. So we took off in the rain. 
Once up in the air, we were completely enveloped in white cloud. Windows were totally useless. It was totally flying by instruments! 
The flight over took a bit longer due to a course change in order to avoid some bad weather. I didn't say rough spots because it was rough just about the whole way over. But we took off and landed just fine. 
The entire weekend was overcast and wet. Grey clouds everywhere. But regardless, we enjoyed a great weekend of R&R. Spent two days hashing old memories and eating at one restaurant after the other. 'Twas a grand weekend! 

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