Saturday, October 25, 2014

House - Hallway Floor

I mentioned the flooring we chose for the hallway and that prompted several emails asking for more info. Wow, it was like throwing out a couple kernels of corn and the birds all show up looking for more. Ok, ok. Here it goes. 

The flooring is a vinyl snap together, much like the pergo type floors. 

And it actually has a nice wood like appearance. Because of the email prodding, I decided to get some of the floor installed. Boy, it's easy. A bit of jiggling to get the edges lined up and perhaps a bit of persuasion with a rubber mallet. The floor currently is plywood subfloor that we painted. So it was sturdy and smooth. The vinyl lays right on top of it. No glues, no nails, no staples. 

The light colored strip in the front of the photo is a piece of ash that David milled to make a plate where the flooring changes angles and starts to slope downwards. Once it's urethaned it will look fine. 

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