Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rabbit Breeding

Finally we've gotten our first rabbits bred. Wow, another plateau reached. First was getting the rabbitry created. The next was successfully setting up a feeding program and rearing the critters to breeding age. Now they are successfully mating. Next plateau will be successful kindling in a month. 

Freckles lost his virginity with Snowflake. I had put them together a couple of times before, but he hadn't the least bit of interest. This time around he didn't have any interest either, but Snowflake had some ideas. She pestered him, then gave him a demonstration that made me reconsider Snowflake's sex. Could I have just put two males together? But suddenly a lightbulb went off in Freckles' head and he got the job done. Now that he's discovered adult entertainment, he's eager to explore it more. So tomorrow I'll test Freckles' ability to remember something from 24 hours ago and put Midnight in with him. If he's successful with Midnight, then I'll know Freckles isn't a complete dummy. 

Bun-Bun on the other hand hasn't successfully bred anybody yet. Still a clueless virgin being introduced to other clueless virgins. Uumm, maybe if he watched Freckles in action he'd take the hint. Rabbit porn? 

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