Sunday, June 1, 2014

New Pond

I'm finally taking some action on creating the next pond. All my previous ponds were mini ponds designed for mosquito control. Then range from holding five gallons to 50 gallons and are home to dozens of little guppies. But this next pond is going to be far bigger. Perhaps a home to tilapia and koi? 

This pond started out with the top ring we removed from the ag-catchment tank. The tank was too tall for it to capture water off the new barn's roof. I saved the ring figuring that it would come in handy one day. Well, it's finally "some day". 

A while back we built stairs down the from the house to the lower field. At the base of the stairs is a dry seasonal creek bed which is "dead" because a landowner above us bulldozed and contoured his land, thus destroying the dry bed as a rainwater runoff channel. With the creek bed safety deactivated, we decided to built a footbridge across it and make a pond underneath the footbridge. Now the saved catchment tank ring has come in handy. 
Last year we got this far. The metal ring was installed under the footbridge. We made a concrete circle for the ring to sit on and then put a layer of sand in the bottom. Then other jobs seemed more important, so thus project stalled. 

Last week I stopped into the water catchment store on my way back from Kona. Just stopped on impulse I guess. Came out with a catchment tank liner. Ok, now I had a job. Today, after letting the liner warm up in the sun, it got spread into the ring thusly.........

It's not quite smoothed and stretched enough yet for filling, but it's almost there. But it rained for a few minutes, putting "first water" into our new pond. So, it's on it's way! 
Right now it looks so incredibly white-white. So out of place. But once it is filled I'll be finishing off the rim with decorative wood, rocks, and plants. 

This is as far as we got. Running water to it for filling will be another day. 

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