Friday, June 27, 2014

Drivel - Cats & Toilet Paper

Mention in a casual conversation that your cat attacked the toilet paper roll, and half the people in the room will instantly tell you to turn the roll around so the the cat can't unroll it. Well that's fine advice for combating feline unrollers, but my two toilet paper warriors are the kill-n-defeather types. 

Most of the time I remember to stash the toilet paper roll on a high shelf next to the toilet. But being a senior citizen, I sometimes forget. And yes, I pay the price. Or should I say, the toilet paper roll pays for my forgetfulness. Either Crookshank or Rikki Tikki will discover that the roll is within reach. Then the fun begins. This last time (photo above) Crookshank was discovered soon after he grabbed the roll. So most of the roll was salvageable. But usually the floor is covered in white fluff from one corner to the other, and whatever still exists on the roll looks like a wad of cotton candy. Zero salvageable. But there's one very, very happy cat! 

The homestead actually benefits from having Crookshank reside here .... he's the number one rat killer. So I'm willing to sacrifice the occasional  roll of tissue as long as Crookshank is willing to extend his paper prowlness to vermin. 

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