Saturday, June 14, 2014

Naming of the Pigs

First, thank you for all the suggestions that were emailed to me. There are some real goodies that I will be saving to use for future piglets. But I've been holding off naming these two until I could .... 1) see their personalities and ....2) decide if I would be keeping them or not. 

These two are half feral pig. So their personality reflects that. At this point in time, both are quite flighty. They spook at the most minor sound or movement. Thus they are not very trusting. But they are improving. ......somewhat, I suspect that they are never going to be truely friendly. And since I prefer working with friendly livestock, this may be a problem. 
Whenever I approach, they run to the back of their shelter, the furthest from my reach. I can see that they ripped the roof off their doghouse and dragged it into the sheltered area. Perhaps they would like to have things to make into toys. Since I'm not sure what pigs would consider toys to be, I'll have to experiment. 

Anyway I digress. So.....what have they been named? 
The boy --  Porkchop.  Carol G. from North Carolina suggested that. I liked it but will probably use Chopper as his nickname. 
The girl -- Hamhocks, Hammie for short. This name was suggested by Flowergirl. 

So there we have it. Chopper and Hammie. As you can guess, I'm already bracing myself for the fact that these two might not become long term keepers. Only time will tell. 

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