Friday, June 6, 2014

Drivel - iPods

I'm one of those people who is always humming a tune. Somewhere along the line while growing up, the music side of my brain turned on and tuned in, never to turn off. I've got a defective "off" button. But there are worse disabilities I could have been saddled with, so I just accept it and often enjoy it. It's just a negative if some particular song get stuck in replay. After 15 minutes of the same song in my head, it gets maddening. Now...hubby can take advantage of that. He sometimes gets great enjoyment by teasing me. How? By humming some obnoxious tune that he knows will get stuck in my brain, to be repeated ad nauseam. Ah, the downside of getting to know someone intimately. He can get me every time! 

Anyway, hubby rapidly grew weary of my small mental music collection and would buy me record albums, then 8 tracks, cassette tapes, then CDs. Best was when I could use earphones and carry the device with me. But the ultimate device to date has been the iPod. 

My current iPods that I use most often is this one. 
It is really small and light. Clips to my collar. Holds enough songs to keep me happy while working around the place. 

Hubby thought I'd like to be able to hold my entire music collection on one device so he upgraded me with a nano version. 
This one is a little bit larger, works a little bit differently. It's fine too. 

Which do I prefer? I suspect a lot of you will email me that question. Well, the littler one is my main workhorse because its tiny and it was cheap. If I accidentally destroy it, I won't be as pissed with myself. But I have to arrange my music on the laptop then download it to this iPod, but once done its just a simple case of turning the thing in and letting it play. The nano is more sophisticated with options. And it's a little bit larger and heavier. But it's fine too. So if I'm in the mood for particular music, say just Gaelic folk music, then I'll use the nano. The other one won't let me pick and choose. 

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  1. I don't have one of these but my husband does. Maybe I need one too!