Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Flower

Down at the seed farm I planted some amaryllis bulbs that I had bought at the local hospital fund raiser. I was under the impression that they were whites and reds. Ah, but I got a delightful surprise. 
This one is neat! It's the first of the bulbs to bloom, so I don't know what the others will turn out to be. But this one's surely a keeper! I had seen one of this color awhile ago, an amaryllis being grown by a friend. It triggered instant lust. But these hybrid bulbs are slow to reproduce, so I've been waiting for the day I could beg a bulblet from my friend. No need now to beg. 

I bought these bulbs because....
...I wanted to support the fundraiser
...I like flowers
...if the bulbs reproduce, I will have keikis to trade, give away or sell. 

I'm so tickled to have this amaryllis that I've been happy since I discovered it. Yes, I've regressed to a simple mind, but I'm finding it to be a better life. 

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