Friday, June 27, 2014

Drivel - Ka'u Truck Dogs

Maybe this is just a country thing, but it's common enough to see dogs riding in the back of pick up trucks, draped about on stock trailers, or atop cargo loads or piles of horse saddles. And it's usually not just one dog but several. A truck bed load of hunting dogs is also a common sight, 6 - 10 motley dogs all excited and ready. 
No, they are not tied in. Yes, the animal lovers go crazy, the SPCA gets regulations passed. Yet dogs ride in the back of trucks. They love it. Usually all is well. Occasionally you hear of one falling out but not too often because these dogs have been doing it since they were puppies. They learned from the other adult dogs and seldom get themselves into trouble. 
While owners are shopping, the dogs lounge around and wait. But get to their destination, be it home, the head of a hunting trail, the ranch, they shoot out like bullets ready for action. 

These dogs seem to enjoy life a lot more than most people. Sure they are taking chances, but by being close to the edge they enjoy the ride, the wind, the speed, and are loving it. More than you can say for most humans. If I were a dog I'd be in the back of the truck, standing on the edge with my face in the wind, panting with joy with a big smile in my face. It would be worth the risk. Far better than being shut up in a boring cage with no view, all safe but with a dull life. There's lots of people....writing safety regulations I in safe environments totally missing out on living. Naw, not for me! Let me be a truck dog! 

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  1. 'Susan TK' emailed, "Owners should be arrested for forcing their dog to ride in the back of the truck. That's animal cruelty."

    I don't agree. But I can understand your thinking because at one time I would have agreed with you. But these past 10-12 years I've become more more relaxed, more country.

    'Diane Goatgirl' said, "That's illegal." Not here on Hawaii Island. Both dogs and people, yes people, can ride in truck beds but there are some safety regulations. Dogs need to be secured and people must be seated (and towards the cab if there are only a couple people).

    Life is much more relaxed here than on the mainland. By here I mean Big Island. We haven't yet managed to regulate ourselves to death.