Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Lamb is Named

I've put off naming the little lamb because people keep emailing me name suggestions. Finally the emails are complete, so I looked over the suggestions......all 59 of them!  Boy, there were some real good ones. But some names were already taken by previous sheep, and I have a rule that I never repeat a name. So although I loved Eureka and Euphoria, they have already been used in my flock. But I'm keeping the list for future lambs. 
(All black with a few white hairs on her right flank plus a white ending to her tail.)

Which name did I choose? Euphemism. Barry suggested this one and both hubby and I like it. We'll give her the nickname Missy. 

Missy is doing great. She has learned my pathetic imitation of a sheep mama.... Baaaaa. Baaaaaa. She comes running for a bottle. She's one greedy eater, which is a good trait for a lamb to have. She lives in my front field away from the flock for now. Once she is a few weeks older and eating grasses and herbs, I'll introduce her back to the flock. But she will be on the bottle for another month past that point. Past experience has shown me that Missy will come to me for her bottle twice a day (right now she gets bottle fed 3-4 times a day). 
(Already mouthing everything and sampling tidbits of tender grass tips,)

Little Missy is one cute lamb. She's starting to do those lamb hops and boings, starting to investigate things. Yesterday she ran a big circle around me as fast as she could, then realized she was lost. Letting out a yell of "Ma, I'm lost!", she made a straight line right to me when I answered with my mommy-baa. 

By the way, Missy is a hair sheep. She won't be growing a long wool coat. As a result there is no reason to dock her tail. So she'll be keeping her beautiful little white flag of a tail. 

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  1. O Lo! I am so honored! She looks like such a cutie, too.