Thursday, June 26, 2014

Drivel -Rainbows

Hawaii is the rainbow state. No surprise since rain tends to fall in "cells" rather than simply blanketing an entire island. As a result, there's lots of opportunity for rainbows. 
Driving from Oceanview down the highway towards South Point Rd is a great place to find rainbows. You see, it lightly rains frequently in the Kahuku Ranch area, so coming from dry desert into Kahuku, there's usually a rainbow if it's misting or raining. I see them all the time. 
Yeah I've seen rainbows before, but here in Ka'u they tend to be magnificent. Full arches running across the sky. Brilliantly colored. Doubles! And double-inverted ones, if that's what to call them. 
The above photo shows a very faint second rainbow forming. I'm told it got really brilliant but I didn't have the time to hang around to watch that day. But doubles are common. 
I don't care how many times I see them, I still think they're neat. I often stop to take a photo. I've considered naming my homestead Rainbow Homestead because the left arch of the rainbows give the impression from the highway of ending to in the vicinity of the farm. 
But then again, I seldom see rainbows when on the farm. The rain is coming down there, thus no rainbow. Sigh. 
In this picture the double rainbow is faint and hard to make out. Below photo...another double though faint. 


  1. I never tire of seeing those rainbows, even when my wife thinks it unnecessary to comment. It's rare that a photo can catch the effect as it reaches the ground, but if I'm carrying a camera, I'll try (and just keep it to myself). So - enjoy every one of them!

  2. An email comment from Sue J (Hawaii) --
    "In Ocean View proper I have seen Moonbows, silvery arches just before dawn during certain full moons.... amazing sight!