Monday, June 2, 2014


I  live by a few simple basic rules now. Among them is----

KISS : Keep It Simple, Stupid

Rather than this axiom being a mantra for me, it's just more of a gentle reminder. I came from a hectic, complex society where simplicity is not only not embraced, it was often ridiculed. Simplify anything in one's life and you'd risk being labelled a hick, a dork. 

I still live a rather complex life with complex tools that assist me. But as I try to adopt a lifestyle that leaves me more content, more overall happy, I see that it is leading me to a simpler life. KISS principle is having a strong effect on me. 

KISS has lead me : eat "real" food. We've mostly abandoned processed foods. eliminate using most complex pieces of equipment, be they bread makers, fax machines, specialized construction tools. keep a simple wardrobe. Fancy or specialized clothing/accessories no longer are of interest. be frugal. Eliminate waste. Reuse and repurpose. enjoy simple activities and vacations. 

I noticed a few surprising changes :
...we daydream more
...we've lowed our expectations 
...we've become more tolerant, less critical. Rather than think "hick, dork", think "ingenious, admirable". 
...we have more fun. 
...we are more content. 
Can all these changes be due to just KISS? Surely not. But they seemed to appear as we tried to keep our lives simpler. I guess everything just got caught up in the changing process. 

I try to keep the KISS principle sitting on my shoulder as I work on projects. It often chimes in with a reminder when I hit a snag or am getting frustrated. 

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