Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Lamb Arrival

First lamb of the season! And it's a girl!

Goldie is the first of last year's lambs to produce a lamb herself. Goldie had no problem having this little girl and she was a good mother at first. Attentive. Cleaned the baby up. Let it nurse. I as so happy that things went so smoothly. All was well until Mr Mystery Ram showed up. The baby lamb was only three days old when the flock was thrown into chaos. Goldie became enamored of the new ram and became a rather distracted mother. I pounced on the opportunity to separate the lamb from Goldie. Yes, I would like to keep this baby and the rule is that I'm only keeping bottle fed babies for now on. So I disappeared this baby into the house. While Goldie noticed from time to time that the lamb had disappeared, she wasn't distraught. She was rather preoccupied following Mr Mystery Ram around. So the separation went fairly smoothly. Whew, I'm glad it went so easily. 

This little girl is all black with a white tipped tail. Goldie is tan with white leg markings. E-Ram is Black and Tan. So little lamb looks like neither parent. 

She took to the bottle almost instantly. Little girl with a big appetite. That's good. I haven't decided on a name for her yet. Of course it has to start with the sound "U" as in "ewe". All my females have names like that. Goldie's formal name is Yukon Gold. 

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  1. Depends on your sense of humor, but is "Yoo-Hoo Chocolate" or Uneeda Biscuit" available? Um, try "Euphemism"?