Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Piglets Join the Farm

So I've finally taken the step. I've acquired little piggies. 
I'm telling myself that having a couple pigs will be good for educating the community garden group about raising pigs. But in truth, I wanted to have two pigs again. Years ago, decades in fact, I raised three pigs, selling two for slaughter and keeping one until old age as a pet. And before I'm too old to do it, I wanted to have a pair again. 

These two little ones are seven weeks old. They're half domestic, half feral pig. I didn't purposely go out and look for that combination. It just happened along. A local person had the litter and needed to find homes for the 8 piglets. Having been reared by their mother and running loose on five acres, they are afraid of humans. So it will take a few weeks to tame them down. Luckily they are young and they will learn. 

This must be the season for piglets. Several of the bloggers that I follow around the country have just gotten piglets or are awaiting new arrivals. So I guess my timing is right. I'm right there along with everyone else. 

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  1. How amazing! (since I'm one of those bloggers who recently got a pig!) Yours look like my American Guinea Hog. We're making progress on the taming front. I just need a sweetheart for mine.