Thursday, November 23, 2017


Everyone seems to be posting a list of what they're thankful for. Blogs. Facebook. Emails. Text messages. My main thought on this topic.....Why don't they make their list first thing each and every morning? Why only be thankful one day a year? 

I've had some pretty close calls in my life. I've seen others around me having even closer calls than me, but for some reason many of those people don't have the same response that I do. I don't understand why. Just let me say..... I'm thankful plenty!!!!!!!!  I'm thankful ALL the time. 

I've made it to almost 70 years of age. Just for that fact alone I'm thankful. I can function fairly normally. I'm warm. I'm fed. I'm generally safe. I'm very thankful for all that. Sure, life has its ups and downs, and lots of problems & hassles. But I can still be thankful 365 days a year. 

I've worked in medicine much of my life. So I've seen or heard of some of the tragedies that can occur. I've had close friends who worked in social services or were police officers, so I've heard of the horror stories from those sectors. I've had relatives and friends who went to war, and their horrors were too damaging to even talk about afterward. I read the news about disasters and catastrophes happening daily. Mother Nature aside, mankind can be pretty ugly. Being aware of all that horror makes me constantly thankful for my life so far. 

Hope and thankfulness. Thankful for life so far, and hope for a chance at a decent future for a few more years. 

All these deep thoughts aside........

I had a gentle, peaceful Thanksgiving Day. Shared time with hubby and a family friend. Had a passable meal -- nothing to write home about -- but enjoyed every bite. 

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