Friday, November 3, 2017

Broadband Peas

Broadband peas.....sounds like an Internet thing. Funny! Ok, ok, just my attempt at humor.  Broad banding is just a variation in pea planting methods. I've tried single rows, double rows, and rows spaced 12" apart. I wanted to see what would happen if I planted them in a wide trench, sowing the seed about 2"-3" apart in all directions. 

Making the trench was simple. Using a garden rake, I pulled back the soil, leaving a shallow trench behind. Into that went the peas. 

After watering the seed, I gently and carefully pulled back the soil to cover the pea seed. Now it's a wait & see game. 

Will the pea vines self support one another? This variety has a 30" vine. Will the harvest be more than if I had sown the peas into two separate rows spaced a foot apart? Would it be easier or faster harvesting peas with this growing technique? I'm always curious to see what happens.'s what they look like today. I got nice germination and the plants look good so far. 


  1. I would stick a branch in the ground about every 16 inches to keep them from going sideways. When straglers start out sideways I put them diagonaly to the next stake to make a lattice pattern

    1. Sounds like a great suggestion! I'm going to give it a try.