Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Coffee Harvest Time

This year's crop is coming in about one week earlier than last year. Yes, having this blog has allowed me to keep track of such things. I'm not good at keeping a garden notebook, so this blog is coming in handy. 

Some of the trees have a heavy crop, considering that they are full-shade grown. Others are a bit lighter, but still as abundant as last year. 

Looks like I'll be picking coffee cherry for the next few weeks. The biggest picking looks like it will be now. With a smaller picking in 10 days. And a final, smaller picking 7-10 days later. After that it will be just cleaning up the stragglers. But if time permits, I prefer to pick every 3-5 days because processing smaller batches of coffee cherries us easier. 

I promised some readers that I would show you how I process my coffee from start to finish. So picking the ripe red coffee cherries is step #1. 

Stay tuned, same channel, I'll show you the next step. 

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