Monday, November 13, 2017

A Day on the Homestead

I'm going to occasionally try a new format....diary/prose style. Just for the change. Just for the fun, I'll describe a day on the farm. 
After a week of daily rain, this morning promised a drier day. But sunrise has fooled me before, so I didn't hold my breath. Good thing, because of course, it rained. 0.15 inches of rain. Sigh...another wet day in the tropics. 

Morning chores were the usual....feed cats, feed dogs, feed chickens, feed donkey, feed sheep,feed goats, feed hubby. With the immediate complaining voices silenced, water bowls, buckets, and troughs got replenished, too hubby's coffee cup. Next round through -- clean up feeding buckets, bowls, and our own dishes. This is a typical morning around here, come rain or shine. Somehow in the midst of all this I find time to have my own breakfast and check the news headlines. I have this compulsive need to check the daily news each morning, though I've trained myself to seldom go beyond the headlines. World news nowadays drives me insane, so I limit my exposure. 

(Two of the farm dogs doing their morning greeting -- Sweetie Pie and Willie.) 

Primary morning chores accomplished, what next? Every day is different, thank heaven. If it ever became drudgery, I'd give it up. 

Because of the ongoing rains, I'm way behind schedule. But today was Sunday, yes a day of "rest". So not much gets accomplished on the farm. If it wasn't for the rain, I'd have mown fresh grass for the sheep and chickens, and harvested the manure from the pastures and chicken pen. But since it was, I handed out hay cubes to the sheep and donkey, and promised to gather manure tomorrow. 

Sunday's means a mid-morning trip to KaLae Coffee to discuss that past week's news with friends. As a group, we always dive headfirst into the political news, dissecting every headline politician's foibles in minute detail. Why anyone would want to get into national politics is beyond me. But before long we move on to local gossip and events, family updates, the beauty of last week's sunsets, the upcoming visits of family, the current garden status. Mean while, the dogs (Loki, Noodles, Shy, and Sissronimo) catch up with their own news, gently play, and solicite petting and treats from passing strangers. It's the same format every Subday. Today was a bit better than the past few the shop had tuna fish sandwiches for sale. Time for an early lunch? You bet! 

The rest of the day until dinner lacked any meaningful accomplishments, unless reading could be considered that. Gosh, this turned out to be one of our laziest days ever. Not your typical day on a farm. But days like these help sore muscles and achy knees to heal a I like to tell myself. By mid afternoon hubby grew restless and opted to dine out with friends. Thus the end of a rather non-productive farm day. 


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