Saturday, November 25, 2017

Small Business Saturday, Ka'u Style

Do you cringe at Black Friday? I do. In fact, I avoid it like the plague. But around here, that's easy. Just don't leave our district. You wouldn't even know that Black Friday existed if you drove around Ka'u. I like it that way! 

Now.....Small Business Saturday is another story. Around here, just about every business is small. Not all, but most. And this Saturday was a good time for small businesses to come out of the shadows and air their art, crafts, farm products, and services. 

A local small business (Hawaiian Flowers) offered their grounds for a bit of a show & tell market so that other Ka'u small businesses can get some much appreciated advertising....and make a few sales as a bonus. 

Lots of businesses were represented including coffee, honey, fruits, baked goods, craft signs, jewelry, flowers, block print clothing. Even the local chiropractor was there -- hi, Frederick! 

Small business is how many folks survive here in my area. Jobs are scare, almost as rare as hen's teeth. So people have to be innovative to survive. Some of us provide services, while others make or grow things. 

Our little fair was well attended. Easy to see that by looking at the parking situation. It was a challenge to park the car! Good thing we drive a small one.

Above, local honey. If you've never had fresh, raw honey, you're missing out on life. That store bought stuff is terrible, take my word for it. I never liked honey until I moved here and tasted the real stuff. 

If you ever come to Hawaii......if fact, if you go traveling to another culture or area a buy some souvenirs, why not seek out the local small businesses. These little guys are working hard to survive. And usually they offer the real McCoy, not stuff imported from other countries. 

Above, a couple of friends having fun and hamming it up for the camera. You're never too old to make a fool of oneself in public and have fun! 

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