Saturday, November 4, 2017

More Mushrooms. I'm a Fungus Farm!

Walking about the farm, I came upon two beautiful "mushrooms" a couple of days ago. Mushroom production doesn't seem to have any set season around here and is dependent upon the rain and temperatures. So I'm never sure when I'm going to spot them. I've seeded a number of different mushroom types onto the farm, inoculating woody brush piles, hugelkuktur pits, and garden areas. I don't purchase mushroom spore. I simply gather wild mushroom caps and bring them back to the farm. 

I now see dog vomit fungus anywhere that I've laid down cardboard, spread wood chips, or filled in a pit with packed down crushed tree twigs. Tree branches packed into hugelpits but are still awaiting a covering often sprout a string of yellow or white little mushrooms. The newer garden beds get colorful mushrooms along their edges ....white, yellow, and even reds. 

Above, this is a shelf fungus, which is common enough around here. They sprout from dead tree branches and stumps. This specimen is especially colorful. I just wanted to share its beauty with you. 

Found these mushrooms in the deep mulch. First time I've seen these here. I don't recall ever gathering mushrooms that look like these. Probably the spores came in with some of the green waste I picked up from other people's properties. 

The grassy areas often have large white mushrooms. And out by my driveway gate I've got a large fairy ring going.....

I find it to be amusing that farm visitors are aghast that there are so many mushrooms around the place. Many make it a point to tell me how to get rid of them, and are confused when I say that I purposely brought them here. None of them are edible, but they sure are interesting. Plus they're doing a very important job for this farm. 

Above, mushrooms popping up along the line between the wood chips and the grass. 

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