Friday, July 22, 2016

Walking Path Update

With all the recent rain, there hasn't been much opportunity to work with cement. But happily, there has been a few sunny mornings lately. So here's what's gotten done so far that is new since that last report ......

Above, two mornings we got this part done. And later we got more two good mornings to work and completed another stretch.........

I'm tickled with how well it's turning out. 

As you can see, the path is being built right atop the ground. But the ground is very little soil and actually is already mostly well compacted lava chunks. I'm not bothering to use rebar because the path won't see much weight. And if it does crack in an earthquake, it should be simple to just patch it. As this path weathers, it will darken and any patching would not be noticed over time. Perhaps in the future  I will regret not using rebar but I'm betting that I won't. Besides, we don't see freezing weather here that would cause expansion and contraction issues. 

One thing that I'm pleased with so far is that we've done a fairly good job at not creating low spots that would collect rainwater. I'm getting plenty of rain, so the path has been tested daily! So far, so good. 

Photo taken at a different angle........

Ah, the path looks rather inviting. 

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