Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy as a Pig in Mud

Sunny and hot & dry for a change. It's getting to be like Hawaii around here. While I'm enjoying drying out for a couple days, Miss Pinky (the pig) doesn't share my enthusiasm. I've shaded half her pen and given her a little swimming pool to lounge in, but I can see that she just isn't satisfied. So I've got a surprise planned for her. 

Gather up one shovel, one farm dog, and six gallons of water. Walk down to Miss Pinky's pen. Now for the action.....,,,

1- let the pig out to play and run with the farm dog for five minutes. 
2- dig up a corner of the pen and add six gallons of water. 
3- call the pig back into the pen. 

When I call the pig(s) back, I always give them a treat. In this case, it was several bruised mangos, a pig favorite. Miss Pinky dove right into munching mangos, but looked up when she noticed Crusty the farm dog nosing around the wet puddle. If you aren't aware of it, pigs are real curious creatures, so abandoning the mango pile, she checked out what the dog was up to. Whoa....mud! Weeeeeee. Whoppee. Hallelujah. Thank the pig gods! 
Roll around one side, then the other, then.........
Lay for a moment in sheer bliss while making little happy piggy woofs. 

Then give it a good belly and butt scratch before re-shimmying on both sides again. 

And finally when you're all done, come thank Mom and ask for a big hug.......yuk! You're nothing but mud! .......yeah, isn't it just great!?!?!!!!!!!!

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  1. I love pigs. They're like smart weird dogs.