Saturday, July 30, 2016

Volcano Update

It's showtime! 

A sluggish ooze of lava has been traveling across the previous lava fields, slowly making its way downhill and toward the ocean. After a long trek, it's finally made it. Below you can make out the fresh active lava as the silvery ragged trail coming down from the upper right, then crossing over the roadway. 

(Photo from the Hawaiian Vocano Observatory website) 

People.....right up at the lava. Yup. Around here the officials won't stop you if you wish to stand upon unstable lava 6 feet from the real deal flowing rock. (Getting any closer singes the hair right off your arms!). It's no surprise to me that occasionally some tourist goes missing, one who was reported to have been hiking around the active lava fields. 

(photo by David Ford)

Seeing lava is a spectacular experience, well worth the long hike out to it. No, you can't drive a car up to it. Expect a three to five mile hike, depending upon which way you hike in. 

(Photo by Davd Ford)

Right now there are boat tours that get really close to the ocean entry. Thus there are great photo opportunities and an experience few people get to have in their lifetimes. I'm looking forward to getting a seat on one of those boats. 

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