Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hurricane Darby

For my mainland friends, here's an update. 

Yes, there's a weak hurricane, just slipping down to tropical storm classification, heading right for our island. In fact, it's right off the coast as I speak.  The system dumped several inches of rain on the east coast of the island, but not much in my south coast area. Perhaps I'll see more rain from the back side of the storm. 
In the above photo, the eye is to the right of the island, right off the Puna coast. One can see the bands of clouds/rain traveling up the east coastline, and the southern area which is relatively cloud and rain free at the moment. 

Here's another type of radar picture giving an idea of the storm. 

So there's lots of heavy rain still out over the ocean and heading toward the island. 

We're safe on the farm. Parhaps we will get rain and wind here, but it doesn't look to be catastrophic. We're prepared. Back in NJ, we'd run out and stock up on milk and toilet paper. Hey people make sure they have plenty of spam and rice.  😀

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