Thursday, July 21, 2016

Limas Update

Wow, almost a whole month has gone by since I first talked about my lima bean experiment. I really wasn't sure that I could grow limas on the homestead, but it looks like it's successful. Well, that conclusion might be premature since I haven't harvested any beans yet, but at least the vines are growing. 

Here's how the plants look today. Big. Lush. Vigorous. I've been weaving the vines down and across the trellis, trying to let them grow long but not always vertically. So by now they've taken over the entire tellis. 

This week they are starting to push blossoms. In fact, I'm seeing my very first honest to goodness baby pods. Yee-ha! Yup, I get excited over little things like this. Aaaaaaah, life can be good. 

The flowers are a lovely light purple. Not what I'd call showy, but rather delicate and pretty. Those two little green crescent things below the flowers are my first two pods just starting to grow. Now let's hope some bug (or even worse, the goat!) doesn't come along and eat them. 


  1. Lima beans grow well on Maui. We have a purple speckled variety that is very pretty. I'd send a pic, but don't know how to do that. The rats do like to nibble them though. Courtney - Maui Jungalow blog

  2. I had limas growing nicely when I left Pukalani, with some plumping pods . Almost ready, just as the Kona coffee bush had the first few red cherries. Heartbreak! I left some garden notes for the new buyer, but never got any reply - probanly didn't care for gardening.