Sunday, July 24, 2016

Darby Pau ....for us

3 inches of rain overnight. Not bad. Not that I needed more rain here, but 3" is far better than it could have been. I surely didn't want more! 

Storm in hindsight......
     After seeming to stall right off the coast, Darby made landfall 10 miles northeast up the coast from the small town of Pahala. Then things went downhill for the storm, with it becoming unorganized and changing away from the anticipated track. According to the weather tracking experts, the eye veered west and travelled across Ka'u (right over the homestead, just like the last storm that hit us) and headed up the coast toward Kona, finally reforming out at sea. Practically a repeat of the last one that hit Ka'u.
     The massive volcanoes here apparently affect these storms, causing them to shred and morph. Really interesting phenomenon. 

Once the main body of the storm passed us, the rains arrived. Rained all night. 

We got no winds, and until the eye passed us, virtually no rain. Yup, those volcano-mountains must be storm shredders. 

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