Thursday, November 27, 2014

New Thanksgiving Day Lamb

Thanksgiving Day has brought to the homestead another reason to be thankful......a new lamb! Goldie disappeared a couple days ago into the wooded section of the back pasture. Ewes often find a secluded spot to lamb. This morning she brought her new baby to the flock. He's a big boy, strong, and wide eyed. He's sticking close to mom. 

This lamb's destiny is the freezer. Raising food is a fact of life on a farm. Some animals become our food. The female lambs I tend to keep and bottle feed. The males that are colorful can be sold as pets or future flock rams. This little guy is rather plain looking and does not come from an exceptional mom, so no one will be interested in him. But he will help feed several families. 

The flock is already acquainted with the idea of new lambs, so they are accepting him very readily. I'm impressed how strong he is for a lamb so young. He's doing just fine amid the flock. 

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  1. The new ones are always a welcome blessing, aren't they? He may be plain but he's still a cute little guy, I think. Do you neuter the ram lambs that are destined to become meat?