Thursday, November 13, 2014

House Update - Hallway Floor

The rest of the hallway floor is now installed. 
There is still a bit of trim work for David to do. And the threshold plate for him to manufacture. But I'm almost ready to claim "finished" and tic off another section of the house. Yes, the ceiling outside the bathroom door isn't done, but that can't be worked on until we do the bathroom project since it involves rebuilding the roof. 

The hallway floor has three levels because the main section (livingroom/kitchen, bathroom, etc) is at one level and the bedroom is at a slightly higher level. Rather than having a step between the two levels, we opted for a ramp. 
It's not a steep rise. And it was difficult photographing it so I could give you an idea of it. So this is the best I could come up with. 

Because of the ramp, the top and bottom posed a bit of a problem to join in a pleasing fashion. David came up with using some of the leftover ash wood from the thresholds, making joining pieces. We were pleased how they turned out. 
I placed a cat food can there to give you some perspective. Once the surbase trim is in place, it will look quite nice. 

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