Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Piglets

With Hammie and Chopper leaving, it's time to bring new piglets to the farm. A friend had a litter of piglets born about 5-6 weeks ago and the timing for me is perfect. Plus I like her two pigs and the piglets are pretty. So I arranged to get two. 

Introducing Jimmy Dean and Mellie ........
Jimmy Dean is a male and he's the black and white one. Mellie (short for watermelon because of her stripes) is a girl and the brown one. I had originally thought I'd name her Tita, but now that she's here, Mellie just seems to fit her better. 

These two little ones were eating well and are healthy, so they were old enough to wean. I brought the two home and introduced them to their new pen. Being scared and super homesick, they hated it. They spent the first day and night sitting in a corner hollering for mom. They refused to look at any edible goodies I offered and stayed as far away from me as possible. When night fell, I gave them an old wool blanket to snuggle in. I'm not sure how much that helped but I did notice the next morning that they had used it. 

By morning, things were better. With a bit of coaxing they ate their breakfast of canned milk, cooked rice and cob. But they wouldn't let me sit inside the pen with them. They were still far too nervous. Poor piggies! If I approached, they ran to the far corner. 

It's now been a few days since they arrived and they have settled in beautifully. They're no longer fearful. Jimmy Dean lets me brush and pet him, actually enjoying a nice scratch. Mellie is still suspicious. The only time I can pet and rub her is at mealtime. Eventually I'll win her over. 

They are eating well, exploring their pen, sleeping quietly. 

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