Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Drivel - Relaxation Time

I sometimes have a hard time getting to my relaxation time. Sure, I'm busy. And that's by choice. Sure,  unexpected things come up that can take up time that I haven't budgeted. But the downright truth is that I get myself so involved with some current project that I don't want to let it go. And worse yet, something else comes along that grabs my interest and I add it to my project list. Before I know it, I have 30 hours of things to do during a 24 hour day. Happens all the time. 

I've chatted with other people, not just farming types, that really like their jobs and enjoy working at them for hours and hours every day. Back in the 70's, I knew several people who worked 12-15 hour days at their jobs, people who really got into their work. Yes, they weren't married. Or should we say, they were married to their work. I'm guilty too though I wasn't that bad. 12 hour days for me were not rare. I had a husband who was very, very unhappy when those days happened, so I kept them from being the routine. But if I hadn't been married, I too would have routinely worked 12 hour days. I loved what I was doing for a living. 

Now that I'm getting the opportunity to explore different aspects of homestead farming, I'm finding that I love doing this too. Without some sort of outside controls, I'd be at it from sunrise to sunset. Hubby is not my only moderator. Happily I also have friends who get me to take breaks. Friends like the one pictured below......
Yup, it's break time. Time for relaxation and socialization. A visit to a common friend's house to celebrate a birthday, share food and conversation, and a nice soak in the hottub. 

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