Friday, November 28, 2014

Drivel - The Blogger

Yes, I've become a full fledged blogger. Two years ago I didn't even know what blogging was, and now here I sit, pretty dedicated to blogging about homestead farming. Who'd have known? I'm no techie, don't have a facebook page, never tweeted. But I've become hooked on the Internet. Humph, not bad for an old geezer....not bad at'll. 

One thing I enjoy doing is teaching. Not in a schoolroom, but one-on-one with a willing pupil. I like sharing info. So blogging about my homestead adventure is somewhat like teaching. It is passing knowledge along to others. I answer plenty of questions not only about farming, but also about Hawaii in general. Many people thinking about moving here ask questions or seek help. I try to answer as many of these emails as I can, though sometimes it's overwhelming. I am truly surprised to see how many people visit a blog about homesteading in Hawaii. But I do let people know that I'm not the expert about any of this. I can only relate about my own experiences. 

Because we are building our own house, I also get building questions. And I think I've demonstrated that I'm not even close to being an expert on house construction. We are learning as we go. And we've learned a whole lot more about how NOT to do something than on how to do it right the first time around. But all in all, it's been fun and I've enjoyed the adventure. 

I can say the same about's been fun and I'm enjoying the adventure. 

If you're thinking about trying blogging, go ahead. It's actually easy. Hey, it's got to be if I was able to figure it out! I use But there are other blogging tools and websites out there. isn't the only one. Good luck and have fun! 

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