Saturday, November 1, 2014

Drivel - Halloween!

'Tis the time again for adult foolery --  Halloween. We've gotten in the habit each year of spending it with friends, most of whom are as nutty as hubby and I. 
Jim pulled off a very good and quite spooky character. The mask was great, the wig so realistic, and his bright red long nails would make most women envious. I think he had the best costume because it was hard to recognize him with the make up. 

Sue comes in a close second in my viewpoint. Great get-up, and a thin boyfriend to boot! The boyfriend is perfect-- never gives her any lip, doesn't eat much, stays where he's put. 

Jean has a great sense of humor! I love it. 

Myrna's costume was lovely. And she was right in tune with her husband, John .........
By the way, the clothes are the Real McCoy, not store costumes. Pretty cool, no? 

Jo looks good as a biker chick. That fringed leather vest brought back memories of my own college days. 

Bob came as a collection of Things, as in Thing from the Addams Family. One Thing after another.....Vulcan Thing......Anorexic Thing......Things are looking up.....Hawaiian Thing, etc. 

Regardless if we came costumed or not, our group enjoys coming together to share a weekly meal and social company. Meal? Food? How about mud bugs?!?
Or frosted fish fannies? Or spiders in the food? How fun! 

And what's Halloween without a pumpkin? 

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