Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Drivel - Chasing Your Heart

If you've been following this blog, you're aware that I'm fulfilling my lifelong heart's desire to create a farm and live a homestead farmer's life. My tales have generated many an email from others who have taken the leap to chase their dream. Their stories tell of some pretty fantastic changes that are far bolder than what I've done, and I applaud these people. 

Numerous people said how they quit their jobs and started the business they always dreamed about. Others took drastic cuts in pay to take the job they truly wanted. One woman ditched her complete urban lifestyle to become a traveling medical volunteer. One man told me how he tried several times to make it as a farmer and finally achieved success on the fourth try! Wow, what optimistic persistence. Another person made a drastic life change to start growing miniature roses for resale. All their stories fascinate me. These are people who get my utmost respect, 

We recently spent time with a friend from back east who brought us up to date about his children. His son, who has a college degree had made the decision to pursue what his heart really enjoys doing -- blacksmithing.
He's currently learning his trade while working at a historic village re-creation. Not a great paying job but one that is giving him the opportunity to learn his craft. And from people who have come to watch him work, he's starting to get orders to do custom work. Personally I think this is grand and heartwarming. I'm not sure what his parents think. But Owen is following his heart, his life long desire. 

I think I've already mentioned that around my area we have plenty of examples where people have ditched one life's path in order to live the life they really want. We have a cattle rancher here with a Ph.D. in literature. Doctors making handcrafts and selling them at farmers markets. A pharmacist turned coffee grower. Many a college grad now immersed in the life of an artist, woodworker, underwater photographer, fisherman, hunting guide. The couple running the coffee stand down the road both have college degrees and have abandoned their first careers. I never noticed this sort of thing until I moved here but I suspect it happens everywhere. 

Not all their stories are instant success stories. Some tell of failure and of having to change tack. Some of repeated failure until success was achieved. Many are still works in progress. But at least none will have tombstones engraved with "I wish I had....." 

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