Friday, March 15, 2019

Rains and Cool Temps = Moss

Walking about the farm this morning I couldn't help but notice that's there a lot more new moss growing around. I already had lichen growing all over the boulders while the volcano was erupting. And spaghnum moss under the trees and in wet areas. But now I'm seeing lots of new tiny mosses in new spots.

 I think it's really nifty, though a commercial farmer might think otherwise. I love things growing everywhere. It's beautiful in their own way. 

We've still been getting frequent rains. As a result, the ground is staying moist. In some ways, that's good --- my cuttings are rooting successfully, the grass seed and oats are sprouting in the pastures, the macnut trees are in full bloom, the more mature pineapple plants are starting to push flower stalks. But there are a few downers --- lots of moss growing in the grass, fungal disease problems in the taro, damping off problems with many seedlings. And a friend down on South Point Road complains that her grass won't stop growing, thus she needs to get it mowed frequently. Actually that's a bit of a plus for me because I do quite a bit of the mowing, bringing home the abundant grass clippings. 

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  1. I noticed a lot of moss growing in our woods the other day too. Still, between the two I think I'd rather have too much rain than none rain. Nice photos. It really helps to see the beauty each living thing provides on its own.