Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Hawaii Motor Vehicle Kiosk

This has totally nothing to do about homesteading, but I just wanted to let other Hawaiian car owners know.

Just by dumb bad luck, I ended up using the new DVM kiosk in Safeway to renew my truck registration today. Wow, it was a breeze! Done in 2 minutes! Only cost me $3 more (service fee). Well worth the $3. 

I needed to run up to Kona for other errands and figured on swinging by motor vehicles to renew the truck registration. I hate wasting time at that office, but I had procrastinated too long to get the job done via the Internet. So I bite the bullet and figured on waiting in line. But surprise........the office was closed! Prince Kuhio Day. Drats. Now I was gloomingly looking at having to drive to Hilo on Monday with an expired registration. Oh well, sigh. It was my own fault. 

After mulling the situation over, I recalled that John had mentioned over coffee at the coffee truck in town that he had tried the new DVM kiosk in Safeway. He praised it to no end. So on my way home I went into search mode. Found the kiosk. 

I followed the easy instructions on the touch screen and within 2 minutes I had my new registration in hand, along with the sticker for the license plate. Wow! 

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