Friday, March 1, 2019

Pigs - Friday

Don't ask. Today was a miserable day to be working outdoors. Rain almost constant all day long. And this has been the coldest day I've recorded since 2004 (when I started keeping daily records). The high today was only 63°. Plus, no sun. For someone accustomed to the high 70s and low 80s, today felt cold, wet, miserable. 

Shelly greeted me this morning for breakfast. Still no sign of Lava. But I didn't hang around for long, so perhaps she visited the feed buckets later. I set up the last of the plastic poles for the fencing, then estimated how many more I might need. Then feeling damp and chilled, I retreated to the house where I set about restarting the woodstove. Wrapping a blanket around myself, I settled into my reclining chair to warm up, feeling somewhat defeated. I concluded that today was not going to be a working day for me. I wasn't physically up to working in the rain once again.

The weather hasn't been with me this week. Plus I have other obligations, so I can't devote an entire day to installing the electric fence. Thus I will do what I can and leave the rest to fate. Hopefully the pigs will stay settled in their new found home, giving me time to secure the boundaries. But I realize that they have feral roots and the desire for space. If they return to the forest, their birth land, then so be it. I truly hope they stay put, but I will accept their decision if they opt to move on. While I know that they would be safer and have an easier life here, they don't understand that. Their chances in the forest are not good. Lots of hunting activity around here. Let's hope they stay put for a bit longer. Let's hope for dry weather this weekend. 

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