Sunday, March 3, 2019

Pig Update

Finally I got a break. No rain during the morning. So I managed to get the electric fence put into place......but not operational. Not yet. Perhaps tomorrow. Why? Not enough sun. You see, there is a new battery in the solar charger and it needs to be fully charged before I start using it. Otherwise it dramatically shortens the life of the battery. With all the recent rain, of course there hasn't been much sun.

I got a pleasant surprise today. Lava showed herself. Yup, she's inside pasture # 3. And looking good. What's really cool is that she has 3 piglets with her. Two look chunky but one is half the size and spindly. A classic runt. I only saw them from a distance so I couldn't tell if there is something wrong with it. I'll never know if she had more babies or not. With the wet, cold weather last week, conditions weren't very good for newborn piglets to survive without shelter of some sort. I'm pleased that two look very robust and are doing great inspite of the weather.

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