Saturday, April 29, 2017

Jackson Chameleon

Came home today to find this little fella heading out my front gate. 

He took one look at me and made a run for it. fast as a Jackson Cameleon can run, that is. 

Yes, this is an adult Jackson Chameleon, that really impresses me with its "horns". They're not native to Hawaii, but they seem to thrive in some locations here. This guy is an older male and is about a foot long in length. They're harmless, unless you're a bug of some sort. I don't have too many on the farm, but I see them occasionally. I think there really cool! 

This one was in danger of getting run over, by a car or perhaps a mower. So I moved him across the street (the original direction he was heading) and up into a tree. I hope this gives him his best chance at survival. 

If you noticed, he's changed color a bit. Picking him up really made him unhappy and defensive. So he has his 'war paint" on. Once he calms down he'll go back to his normal coloration, which is a uniform medium green. While I watched, he slowly climbed up into the tree and disappeared. Ahhh, live long and prosper, my friend. 

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