Thursday, April 20, 2017

Project Updates

1- After mining bucket after bucket of dirt, and moving what must have been tons of rocks, the new parking space for the farm truck is done and in use. Perhaps one of my crazier projects, but I survived. It was good exercise, too. 

2- Expansion of growing space by the house. Rocks removed, soil loosened, compost and manure dug in, planted. Done. The foreground is a purple greenbean called Royal Burgundy. To the right is garlic, which has been growing there since last fall. Beyond the beans are red beets and radishes, interplanted. And beyond them are potatoes being grown for seed potatoes. Along the house foundation is a greenbean called Black Valentine, a mamaki bush, and taro. 

3- Compost bins. All 12 new bins are completed and ready for use. 3 are filled and a fourth one is almost full. So I'm close to being right on schedule with this project. I aim to fill one a week. 

4- Greenhouse crops. I haven't filled more of the beds in the greenhouse, so I'm still at the original cuke and tomato plants. 

5- Pallet fence. The fencing is all disessembled and mostly cleaned up. I'm still cutting up the pieces for firewood, it's going to be another month before that's all done. 

6- Rock wall along the driveway. This is one of those jobs that depends upon the availability of resources, namely the rocks. As I get rocks from expanding my growing areas and from mining dirt, I transfer them to a rock project. This particular rock wall it almost completed. I have less than 10 foot of wall left to build. That is, of course, we don't decide to make the 90° turn up the driveway and continue to wall to the house area. Thinking about it now, that sounds like a good idea. It surely would look nice and separate the isolation pasture from the house & driveway. Right now there's just a strand of hotwire doing that. A rock wall would look so much nicer. 

As a major project gets completed, I always add one to replace it. Gosh, there's a whole string of them waiting in the side lines. While I'm still mining dirt and upgrading the pastures, I've started expanding a serious veggie growing area out in the front of the property. I've started adding 600 square feet plus looking at another section bigger than that. Yeah, I'm crazy as a loon! 

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