Monday, April 10, 2017

United Airlines

I guess most of you have already heard about the incident where an older person (a doctor who needed to see patients the next day) was physically dragged off of a United plane because he refused to be voluntary bribed and kicked off. I viewed the video and am not only appalled, but also frightened. Rather than choose to offer other customers more money until they got the paid volunteer that they were looking for, United opted to assault a paying customer who did not wish to accept the bribe. The latest report I've read states that the doctor received a concussion and laceration during the removal process. That's significantly forceful. 

Rather than discuss this incident to au nauseum, I will simply state my conclusion.......I will never fly United Airline again. Period. 

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  1. Apparently, the flight crew was making seats available for other United employees, as "deadheads". I encountered a variant of that same callous disregard towards customers on a Hawaiian Airlines flight, which resolved after a deadheading flight attendant was reported for "re-seating" passengers to make room in First Class (!) so he could lie flat to sleep. It helped that I was acquainted with a Hawaiian vice-president at the time...