Friday, April 21, 2017

Trying to Grow Peppers

I've never had much luck growing sweet peppers, well....not even hot peppers. But I'm not a fan of hot ones, so why bother. But the again, now that I'm serious about selling veggies, perhaps I should include some hot ones on my veggie grow list. Of course, I've got to learn to grow them successfully first, don't I.  

For some reason, the pepper plants that I started early this year are actually growing pretty good for a change. Reason? Don't know. Perhaps my soil fertility has improved to the point that peppers can grow. Perhaps it's the variety. I'm trying two that I haven't tried before. 

While the plants are hardly what I'd call robust, they are better than I've ever gotten in Hawaii before. Back in New Jersey, peppers were simple to grow. The plants were huge and bushy. Loaded with peppers. But not here. 

I plan to continue in my quest to grow these dang things. Once I get room for them in the greenhouse, I'll try a couple of varieties there. Perhaps the environment will suit them better. Plus I'll keep trying different varieties. Perhaps eventually I'll hit upon one that likes my farm. 

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