Monday, May 1, 2017

Cabbage to Sauerkraut

The community garden area is producing lots of cabbage at the moment. The plants are loving all the recent excess rain. One of the gardeners took some home and did some kitchen magic......wallah! 

"P" wrote.....
The one on the left is the cabbage I’m holding in the picture, the one on the right was more open, less head, so more green leaves. It will be 
garlic dill flavored in 3 weeks. That’s all liquid from the cabbage, no brine added. I’ve done this in jars and crocks, and I much prefer 
jars, they’re just so PRETTY. 

Aloha, P

This is one of the things I love about eating local. Veggies can be harvested in one's garden and turned into delicious foods that can be stored for eating later. Personally, I love fermented foods. It is said that this sort of food is healthy for us, but I'd eat it anyway just because I enjoy it. 

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