Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Herbs, in General

"L" just asked me what herbs I'm growing. Oh boy, I have to think about that. Maybe I had better walk the garden to refresh my memory. 

Rosemary. Doesn't everybody in Hawaii grow rosemary? The bushes turn into rampant monsters, gobbling up garden space. 

Stick oregano. Not quite as aggressive as rosemary, it can become quite a large bush. 

Mexican oregano. Not good for cooking (it loses its flavor), but a pretty garnish with a wonderful aroma. 

Greek oregano. A must for my homemade spaghetti sauce. 

Basil. Lots of different types. They come in so many flavor variations. 
Above, genovese basil. Makes excellent pesto! 

I have both a basil called licorice basil, and another called anise flavored basil. I thought they'd be the same, but they're not. They have different type flowers. I bought the seed from two different seed sources. 

Ths is one of my purple colored basics. I'm trying 3 varieties...osmin, petra, opal. 

Dill. I love fresh dill. 

Chervil. Thus is my first time growing this one and I like its anise-like flavor over scrambled eggs.
My only problem with chervil so far is that I don't think I'm giving it the right amount of "fertilizer". The leaves are not uniformly bright green. So it's something I need to work on. But the flavor is really nice anyway. 

Cilantro. I'm trying several different varieties. I'm still experimenting. 
Cilantro bolts quickly in my environment. So it looks like I need to keep restarting it on a regular basis. 

Parsley....a curly type. I just started more of the flat leaf type. 

Summer savory. Great with chicken. 

Cutting celery. I have better luck with this than regular celery. The trick is to keep it moist, semi shaded, and growing quickly. 

Bay. I was gifted a small rooted cutting that's growing fine but isn't big enough to harvest from regularly yet. 

Borage. New for me this year. I plan to try some of the flowers in salads this week. 

Should I include mints? The onion family? I have chocolate mint and peppermint. Bulb onions, green onions, leeks, garlic, and chives. How about nasturtiums? Are they an herb? 

I plan to expand, try new ones. Perhaps fennel will be next. 

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