Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Rainbow State

There's a reason for Hawaii being nicknamed the rainbow state, we got rainbows...LOTS of rainbows. That's because we have island weather, meaning that rain often comes in cells or squalls so that the sun shines at your back while you're watching rain approaching from the opposite direction. 

I was driving the other day and came upon this complete rainbow, which ended up being a full double bow before it faded. 

Besides sunsets, I love photographing rainbows. Looking at the photos afterward simply makes me happy all over again. 


  1. Maybe you catch a triple 'bow, too. I confess to many photos just of rainbows. Now the only rainbows happen when I spray the hose up in the air - not the same, yeah, I know.

    1. Gosh, you had me laughing when I visualized the hose spray with its rainbow. I've seen that plenty of times back in NJ, because we seldom ever had real rainbows there.